Your First Visit

When you get to Living Well for your first visit, you can make yourself comfortable in our waiting area.  Grab a cup of water and a magazine and your therapist will be with you shortly.  

If you haven't received your intake paperwork prior to your initial appointment, your therapist will have it ready for you to fill out prior to your appointment.  Please arrive 15 minutes early to fill this out, if it is not filled out a head of time.

At the first visit the counselor will do an assessment.  This means that they will ask you questions regarding what you feel the issues are, and how you may have tried to resolve them in the past, as well as pertinent background and history information which may be relevant to the counseling process. The therapist will ask you to consider what your personal needs and goals are in the counseling process.  At the end of the session the counselor will go through what was covered and schedule your next appointment.