Kristi Paulsen


Kristi Paulsen is a master level professional counselor and a substance abuse counselor in training and a member of the American Counseling Association. In 2016 she earned her Master’s degree from Viterbo University's CACREP accredited Mental Health Counseling program and is currently working towards completing the requirements for becoming a licensed professional counselor in the state of Wisconsin.  Kristi combines evidenced-based techniques and God’s word to serve her clients.


What you can expect from working with me...

I help people who desire to live unstuck, fulfilling and bright lives but feel trapped by their circumstances – events, mental illness, other people, jobs, etc.

In listening to you tell your story, I watch for patterns and themes that might be helpful in identifying conscious and subconscious reasons for being stuck.  We will talk about the details and work together on seeing the big picture - what is going on and what impact that has on your life.  We will work to uncover what that is that is holding you back and what you can do live an unstuck and fulfilling life.

My clients would tell you that I offer a warm and comfortable atmosphere to explore those circumstances.  Often our work includes challenging unproductive patterns, gaining clarity, setting and accomplishing goals and building resilience.

I bring a direct, honest and authentic approach to working with my clients often utilizing humor and light-hearted discussion to bring balance to challenging and difficult topics.

I am energized by working with creative people and I seek to help my clients find their own unique ways to addressing their problems in creative ways.  My ultimate goal for working with clients is that it brings glory to God.